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Can I offer you a kidney?

A few times in the past I have spoken here about Michael and haircuts. If you are an autism parent you already know how difficult and utterly exhausting getting your child’s hair cut can be. His first cut was a horrible experience, for us both. After that first cut, we were both ruined for a while. I decided I would start cutting it myself. He still cried. It was still exhausting, and it still took the rest of the day for him to recuperate….every. single. time.

Over time things got better with me cutting, but I am no barber. It always looked okay, but it definitely could have used professional help. One day driving through town, I noticed a barber shop I had never seen before. I took David first. I met Freddy. He did a really good job, and David was comfortable. I thought for a bit and decided I would TRY to take Michael. I expected to walk out in tears. When we got there, I explained that Michael was autistic and really didn’t like cuts from anyone. Freddy talked to him. He joked with him, and made him comfortable. I was in shock. We have always gone back. Michael actually asks to go back.

So when we decided we were going to move, it hit me. I would have to find a new barber for Michael. The thought turned my stomach. The level of trust he has built with Freddy is not something that comes easily. Now we would have to start from square one.  Last time I got Michael’s cut I jokingly (but seriously too) said that if I had unlimited funds I would fly Freddy back and forth just to cut Michael’s hair. Freddy and I are friends on Facebook, and he saw that post.

Well, this weekend I went to get Michael’s hair cut. As we were getting ready to leave, Freddy asked when we would be moving. I told him, in the the beginning of July.

He said to me…..ready…..I hope you are sitting….

He said to me, “My wife and I talked. We will go down to Virginia before the school year starts, so I can cut Michael’s hair.”

I thought I was hearing things. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights and I obviously thought that he was joking. As a matter of fact, I must have asked six or seven times if he was. He was NOT. He was dead serious. He also was not already planning to go to Virginia. The purpose of his trip, from New Jersey to Virginia, would be to cut Michael’s hair.

How do you thank someone for a gift like that? How do you make them understand just how much the gesture means? I still am not sure.
A gift certificate?
A kidney, maybe?

For now, this post is my thanks to you Freddy. You have no idea what that means to me…what it will mean to Michael. You have shown a level of kindness that I don’t know I could ever repay you for.



Both of those pictures were taken after Michael’s very first visit to Freddy’s


For the love of coffee

The hubby and I love coffee. Yeah yeah…SHOCKER!

He drives to work every morning. He normally stops at Quick Chek, and picks one up on his way. Well, he found this new flavor that he raved about, Pecan Sticky Bun. He LOVED it. A few of his glorious mornings passed, until one day he came home aggravated.

“I can’t believe they got rid of MY FAVORITE FLAVOR.”


He was defeated, sad even, over the loss of his new found favorite.

He decided to scour the internet…for days. Of course you can find ANYTHING on the internet, right? Nope. His beloved Pecan Sticky Bun coffee was nowhere to be found. He even tried other brands and flavors as an alternative, but none were satisfying.

Side note: My husband is not one to give up on something he wants, without a fight. He can be….stubborn.

In a last ditch effort he decided to email Quick Chek and see maybe if they would sell him some. Obsessed a bit? Maybe. The kind woman told him, no. She was sorry, but they had none that they could sell him. There were a few emails back and forth and then she finally sent him this email:

Hi Jason,

I’ve been speaking with our coffee roaster and they have a few bags of Pecan Sticky Bun Coffee on hand.

Can you please provide me with your full name and shipping address?  I’ll have them sent out to you directly.


Mandy (left her last name out for privacy)
Senior Category Manager | QuickChek Corporation

No charge. She is just sending him the bags for free. He was lucky enough to find someone who would go above and beyond to help my poor, Pecan Sticky Bun coffee, crazed husband.

Mandy….he thanks you.

I, the one who has had to listen to his ranting, also thank you from the bottom of my heart.

After reading her name, this immediately popped into my head:

“Oh, Mandy. Well you came and you gave without taking.”
– Barry Manilow

****Update to the story***

Much to our surprise, UPS knocked on the door yesterday. My daughter told me they just dropped off some BOXES. I thought that was strange, since I hadn’t ordered anything, from anywhere. THIS is what I found:

FOUR!! Count them…four boxes. The green is 100% Columbian Coffee, the gold is Decaf coffee (with filters, of course), a CASE of Splenda AND what the hubby so desperately needed, the RED. The red is his Pecan Sticky Bun coffee!!

Talk about going above and beyond for someone!

Thanks again Mandy, you are AWESOME!

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