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Inappropriate Hugs

Doctors..It can be tough to find a good one, or, dare I even say great doctors. When you have a child with Autism or special needs, I think that challenge becomes even more difficult.

Well…when we moved to this area my second little guy was just born days before. (this is the boy with autism,  but obviously we were unaware of that yet) So, I was armed with a referral from my current pediatrician for a new doc here in our new hometown. I was ok. Always was seen right away, if needed. But, nothing spectacular. Fast forward about 6 years. Middle guy starts getting fevers 3-4 weeks. What do I get every time we walk in, without so much as a 5 minute visit… comes that word….virus. Several visits went this way. Blood work was run once and came back normal.  I just started feeling like maybe there was something better out there.  I felt that maybe they just weren’t taking the time or were to busy to possibly see that something else could be going on. So after a long time there…I made the switch. All along worrying if I had made the right decision.

Let me tell you…ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT! What a difference. The very first visit there was once again a sick visit for the boy. I felt like I was in a different universe. I was in the office, the doctor asked questions and answered all of mine. AND get this, he personally called me the next day, Saturday morning, to see how the boy was feeling. Umm…I was speechless for a second, never once had I received a follow up call from the old office. Wow, I thought, they actually care!

I have 3 children and each time I am the new office, even though I don’t always see same doctor, they all give that same care and understanding.

The boy went went for his annual check up yesterday and I voiced my concerns about his fevers. For the first time since this whole saga started, I started to feel better. Not because I have an answer as to why these fevers are happening yet, but because I found doctors that are willing to take the extra step and time. He listened, examined the boy and gave me a few ideas of what he thinks it could be. We will monitor him and I will be in close contact with the doctor about the boy, at the doctor’s request…not mine. It was perhaps the best doctor visit ever for me. I could have hugged him on the way out, if it wasn’t considered inappropriate 😉

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We still have a ways to go to figure it out, but at least I feel like I have great..yes I said great..doctors standing behind myself and my children.

You are you child’s voice..if you feel in your gut you need to make a it. As parents we know our children better than anyone…and sometimes we just need to remember that.

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