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I know I have spoken many times in the past about Michael’s amazing bond with Jordan. I have always noticed how she takes care of him, like a second mother. But sometimes, she leaves me speechless. Last night was one of those times.

Keep in mind their ages. Michael is 9. Jordan is 8.

So, the last few days have been pretty stress filled around here. Everyone has been gearing up for the new school year. Everything is all new for all three of them.

Last night it came to a head. At bedtime, Michael was suddenly extremely anxious and upset. He kept telling me he missed his friend Ozzie, a friend that made a big impact on him back home in New Jersey. He said, “Mommy they will all be strangers. I won’t know anyone. I am so scared”, as the tears streamed from his eyes. My heart was breaking, as I tried to soothe him to sleep. I tried my best to reassure him that all would be fine. I reminded him that Jordan would be with him on the bus as well. I sat on the floor next to his bed and rubbed his back.

(Note: Michael and Jordan share a bedroom)

Jordan was laying in bed, quietly listening to my exchange with Michael. When he finally sarted to calm a little, he started to doze. I kissed his cheek, kissed her cheek and quietly walked out of the room.

Within about 5 minutes I could hear the two of them talking. Michael was crying again.

Here is where my speechless part enters:

A moment later Jordan walked out of the room. She said, “Mommy, since Michael is still scared, I will sleep on the floor next to his bed.” I walked upstairs to find that in the few minutes I heard them taking, she had taken her blanket, pillow and stuffed animals off her bed. She set them all up on the floor right next to his bed, and was planning to camp out there for the night. I didn’t know what to say. It took a minute, but my brain kicked in. I told her how sweet that was of her, but I wanted to be sure she also got a good night’s sleep. So we put everything back, and I tucked her in to her bed. I again sat on the floor next to Michael, again rubbing his back, until this time I knew he was sleeping.

I walked out once more and all I could think was, what an amazing and caring tiny human she is.

I will write about their first day, another time. I wanted this post to be about them.


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